About Braemore Property Managment

In 1976

Braemore Property Management was formed as Braemore Realty, specializing in real estate services in Southern Alberta. Over the years, Braemore underwent many changes before it arrived at the Property Management brokerage we recognize today. Braemore currently has the largest portfolio of properties south of Calgary and is proud of its long history.

In 2016

Braemore’s owner and manager Warren Lyckman, sold his shares to what would later be called Orange Peel Group, a partnership of four local owners also heavily involved in Lethbridge real estate. Upon Lyckman’s retirement, the company was passed on to Jordan Close – another local realtor specializing in the management of commercial properties and business administration.

As of 2018

Braemore has over 25 full-time and part-time staff, and following a successful merger between Orange Peel Group and another partnership, Braemore now has the backing of Epiphany Group, a local investment firm, and looks forward to continuous growth and a promising future in Southern Alberta.